The process of creating this collection represents a small part of a much larger conversation. It’s an exciting conversation; about the tension between the seemingly impossible… and the possible. It is a conversation about product development and how Patty Madden has positioned herself to lead the wallcovering industry from its roots in gravure fabrication to the emerging digital revolution. 

In 2003, a critical partnership with Luxe Surfaces encouraged an evolution of Patty’s art. Able to visualize wallcovering product that did not yet exist in the marketplace, Patty worked with the most up-to-date computer technology available and a commitment to understanding the numerous layers of manufacturing. 

Patty’s understanding of new applications for equipment resulted in unimaginable proprietary effects. Together with Luxe Surfaces, the Patty Madden brand of commercial wallcovering remains a pioneer in all aspects of wallcovering development.

The arrival of the digital era meant earlier limitations of design’s expression were eliminated. The early imaginings of Patty’s artistry could now utilize a full palette spectrum, unlimited scale possibilities, near-immediate rendering potential, and an array of new printing substrates. What was formerly impossible, Patty has translated into design beyond belief. 

In her own words, “Creating what capture’s people’s imaginations has always inspired me. I pushed boundaries back then; I have no intention of changing things up now.”