Luxe Surfaces and Patty Madden Digital Wallcovering offer two substrates strategically developed to work with our digital printing and ink system. 

Zaza and Zaza Mylar have been fabricated utilizing lenticular embossing (micro-finish engraving) and tip-printing to create a subtle cross-hatched, light refractive texture. These proprietary media contribute depth, dimension, and durability that further intensifies image impact. 

Zaza - a top seller for the last 5 years and holding - Zaza is brilliant white, Type II, 20 oz. wallcovering media, 54” in width and backed with polycotton Osnaburg. A commercial wallcovering, Zaza meets stringent fire code compliance and is mildew inhibiting. Zaza offers a modern media that boosts the color energy and life of your digitally printed artwork. 

Zaza Mylar is a reflective wallcovering fabricated of polyester film and a non-woven backing. This metalicized sheeting - in combination with the lenticular embossing of Zaza - contributes an unmatched luminosity to wall art. 54” in width, Zaza Mylar will capture the light in a space creating an almost kinetic energy across the surface of your image; an electric charge that “pulses” as it is observed at various angles.

Luxe Surfaces media have established, long-term histories of performance and durability and are approved and proven for commercial and residential environments.